Our hair extensions can last many months, with proper care. The following guide contains important information to guarantee soft, beautiful extensions and a long lasting wear. As with all hair extensions, there is no definitive lifespan. Your Hair Extensions are made of ethically sourced Remy human hair. Each individual pack of hair is unique - none are identical. They have each gone through a very slow preparation process to ensure the highest quality and guarantee the longest wear possible.


General Care

Excessive washing and styling may cause damage to the cuticle, the natural protective layer of hair, and decrease the wear or luster of your Hair Extensions. We recommend using a Hydrating Shampoo + Hydrating Conditioner 2-3 times per week. **When washing, be sure you are cleansing your scalp between wefts + only apply conditioner from mid-ends. A Hydrating Treatment Mask can be used once per week to maintain the soft feel of your new extensions. We also recommend using a Hair Oil through your extension ends daily - extensions do not get the oils from your scalp like your natural hair does!

On The Go Care

Use caution when swimming or exposing your hair extensions to long periods in the sun or tanning bed. We recommend avoiding excessive exposure to saltwater, chlorinated water, and UV rays as these may damage your extensions, diminish their color, or cause them to slip from the hair. **We also recommend wearing your hair in a braid, ponytail or a loose high bun to prevent your extensions from coming into direct contact with sunscreen or self tanner. These products contain chemicals that can cause discoloration to the hair. For added protection at the pool or beach, apply a Leave-In Treatment before swimming.


Using excessive heat on your hair extensions will reduce their lifespan and wear. Take care of your new hair extensions as you would take care of your own hair. Like your natural hair, extensions can be easily damaged with too much heat. A Heat Protectant can be used to protect against heat damage and lock out frizz from humidity. Allow hair to air dry when possible. Do not apply extended blowdryer heat or direct styling tool heat to the hair extension bond. Keep heat to a maximum of 380 degrees Fahrenheit to protect both your extensions and your natural hair.


Your extensions are attached to your natural hair. Excessive pulling or harsh brushing can cause them to slip. Gentle, regular brushing using a Wet Brush throughout the day will prevent tangling or matting. When brushing, softly brush from the bond through the ends of your hair. When tangles occur, hold the extension bond to prevent pulling, and gently remove each tangle.

Additional Information + Tips

Sleep on a satin or silk pillow case - This will also help extend your styles/blowouts and it is more gentle on your hair. 

Sleeping with your hair in a low braid or ponytail may be more comfortable, especially after a fresh installation! 

Avoid sleeping on wet hair - this could cause matting and tangling. 

Your natural hair may have different needs/products than your extensions. Be sure that you are caring for them separately if necessary. 


  • Do not apply conditioner or heat directly to the tape area. 
  • Avoid any products (hairspray. mousse, etc) that contain alcohol.  

Hand-Tied Wefts

  • Blow dry the top of the weft so it doesn’t hold moisture. 


Why do my extensions feel dry?

Aftercare is essential. Applying excessive heat, rough brushing or exposure to saltwater chlorinated water, UV rays  or Sunscreen/Self Tanner can dry out your hair extensions, make them feel brittle, appear dull or even strip your extensions of their color. Hard water may also result in dry hair. For best results, keep your extensions brushed and use the salon recommended products. 


Why are my extensions matting or bunching?

Matting is a result of damage to the cuticle, the natural protective layer of hair, due to improper care. For example excessive heat or harsh chemicals can fray the cuticle and create tangles. “Bunching” may occur if the cuticle has been stripped from the hair due to heat or inferior product use. Hair may look dry, dull and as if it has expanded. Be careful to wash, condition, brush and style your extensions according to these aftercare instructions to prevent damage!


Why did I have an extension slip out?

Slippage may be a result of improper care, tension, incorrect use or placement of haircare products, or other factors. Contact the salon if slippage occurs + we can assist you in resolving your concern! 


Do you offer in-salon extension treatments?

Yes! We offer conditioning treatments + split end treatments for your extensions! If this is a service you’re interested in, just let us know when you’re booking your re-install!


LASTLY!! — enjoy them, have fun trying out different styles with them, they are amazing! This maintenance may seem like a lot to get through but once you create a system for yourself you will realize it isn't as hard as it seems at first!

Please don't hesitate to call/email with any questions or concerns!